Os Residentes

por Tim Blue

(…) Os Residentes was a film unlike any I have ever seen. It is a film in chapters, like a manifesto, each being introduced by a camera shot close up of a striped piece of cloth, cut to a piece of clothing hung on a wall. The film was magnificently shot, and the music was so fine and beautifully mixed that I at times forgot I was in a cinema, feeling as if I was there among the cast of characters who inhabited this abandoned squat. The film uses political theory from the late 1960s in the dialogue, and is set in the context of political expression and action of the late 1980s, but is a completely contemporary film, composed of shots that could easily belong in an art gallery. This is the mechanism which brings the critique into the 21st century. It is a film which very much depicts a desire for a Utopia, but is very distrustful of them. The characters abandon their project when the experiment begins failing. Spectacular acting performances from an ensemble lead by Melissa Dulius and Gustavo Jahn had me completely absorbed throughout. With all the theory this film could have slipped into the polemical, but the juxtapositioning of the banal events such as a couple having relationship problems with kidnapping and group expulsions, also combined with the amazing visuals and sound made this film an epic poem, a poem which brought the struggles of revolutionary ideas into our own age. Directed by Tiago Mata Machado, music by Juan Rojo (…)

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