Os Sonâmbulos (2018)

Captura de Tela 2017-12-27 às 13.13.37.png

Os Sonâmbulos | Tiago Mata Machado, 2018, 100′
Se você nasceu em um país ou uma época em que não apenas ninguém vem matar sua mulher e seus filhos, como ninguém vem lhe pedir para matar a mulher e os filhos dos outros, agradeça a Deus e vá em paz. Mas nunca tire isto da cabeça: você é um homem de sorte por não ser um dos assassinos, mas não é melhor do que estes. (H.Arendt)

Director’s Statement

The idea, from the beginning, was to make a historical film about the present, a movie about the exception state of yesterday and today: a story about a coup d’état (classic plot of Latin American political cinema tradition) that would evolve into a world of perpetual war, in which the state of exception would, slowly, become rule, the world of contemporary political contradictions – after all, and evermore, democratically constituted governments make use of emergency policies and all kinds of measures of exception without intending to hurt the so-called democratic normality.

Time has guaranteed more urgency to the project: the events that took place throughout the production, in Brazil, this ‘white’ coup d’état and all its perverse consequences, stained in black and in suicidal melancholy this narrative. What had begun as an archaeological investigation would end up giving us a privileged access to the present.


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